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  • The iCetana Datasheets explain key technical details of the product, including specifications, camera view requirements and how iCetana offers a proof of concept that allows your organisation to evaluate iCetana working on a subset of your camera network.

White papers

  • Our white papers discuss topics related to iCetana and security.


  • The blog is regularly updated with new articles.

Introduction to iCetana

Data Sheets

The following data sheets explain key details of the iCetana product. Click on the image below to see the full downloadable sheet.

iCetana News and Blog Articles

iCetana with NetApp at ISC West in Las Vegas

Join iCetana with NetApp at ISC West in Las Vegas from March 17-20.   We’ll be there to showcase how we can automate real-time critical event detection using artificial intelligence video analytics for anomaly occurrences. Our scalable solution focuses the attention of your operators to the most important or unusual events occurring in your facilities…

Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI)

We are now seeing a revolution in artificial intelligence. AI gives computers human-like performance in a specific area. The benefit is that a computer can process huge amounts of data. Also, a computer doesn’t get bored or tired and can work around the clock. For example, AI might find patterns in what people buy from…

iCetana Partners – Japan

Tarique Weerasekera (APAC Business Development Executive) recently represented iCetana at the Startupbootcamp in Osaka. iCetana was one of 3000+ startups that were shortlisted to 21 to attend a week in Osaka. After competing with 21 Startups from 9 countries, iCetana was chosen by Hankyu Hanshin Holding Group (USD$7B Co.) along with Sakura Internet to form…