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10x your security guards efficiency and reach

AI video analytics for automatic real-time critical event detection

Monitor 60X more cameras per operator

Review 24 hours of video in only 30 minutes

AI Video Analytics and Video Anomaly Detection Software

icetana motion intelligence™ is AI driven video analytics software that dramatically improves active monitoring of security surveillance networks. The video anomaly detection software self learns “normal” movement patterns then abnormal movement is highlighted in real-time, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond to both precursor activities and incidents.  icetana complements existing video management systems to remove noise and increase efficiency for operators and has a broad range of use cases across a growing number of industry verticals.

Video surveillance problems

  • 98% of cameras are only used for recording, cameras produce huge amounts of data.
  • Far too many cameras for human monitoring
  • Existing AI systems are; retrospective (not real-time), rules based (static, not continuous learning), provide simple object detection (not events/behaviour)

The Solution - icetana Motion Intelligence™

  • AI video anomaly detection and video analytics that does not require rules
  • Finds a broad range of events/behaviour and filters out the 'noise' showing only anomalous events
  • Connects to existing cameras and systems such as Genetec and Milestone

icetana results

  • Reduction in video overload
  • Lower hardware costs - the ongoing maintenance overhead is considerably reduced compared to traditional ‘rules based’ solutions.
  • Review 24 hours of video in 30 minutes
  • Identify security events in real time and take action when it matters.

Learn how icetana can integrate with your VMS

See icetana in action and discover the power of video anomaly detection. icetana helps you identify incidents early, streamline reporting and build a security system that learns over time.

The benefits of video anomaly detection with icetana



icetana uses your servers and GPUs efficiently, and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.


icetana uses a unique, patented proprietary algorithm that learns over time.


Easy integration Works with your existing video infrastructure and integrates with popular VMS


Unlike inflexible rules based systems, icetana automatically learns what is normal.


icetana does not rely on ineffective and intrusive face detection, or racial profiling.


icetana lets your team cut through the noise and focus on assessing abnormal events.

icetana News and Blog Articles

icetana secures order for Canadian power provider

icetana secures order for Canadian power provider through reseller Delco Highlights: Canadian power utility places order for icetana Motion Intelligence™ software through reseller Delco valued at CAD$90,000 covering software licences and 5 year support and maintenance. The order represents icetana’s first power utility customer and expands the relationship with reseller Delco following strong results in…

A real opportunity for investors in icetana

Luke Laretive, CEO and Investment Advisor at Seneca Financial Solutions chats with Nadine & Andrew from ausbiz  chatting about icetana (ASX: ICE).  Check out the transcript and full video below.   “I think there’s a real opportunity for investors in icetana. It’s probably a little-known stock and had a pretty quiet float last year, but the…

icetana’s receives four new orders from US state prisons for its video analytics and motion intelligence software.

icetana receives four new orders for its video analytics and motion intelligence platform from reseller Rasilient for US state prison end-users. The orders represent a threefold expansion of icetana’s US correctional facility customer base. The US prisons market is one of the largest in the world and icetana intends to leverage this success into additional…